Backing up ZelCore Portfolio (lite)

This guide explains the process to back up ZelCore lite addresses for the multi-asset wallet.


Your username + password is your backup phrase. Don't share it with anyone!
A single different character in username or password will create a different set of addresses (e.g. a capitalization, space, order of numbers, etc.). Ensure you secure your EXACT username + password to access your account.
  • ZelCore uses your username & password to generate your addresses and access funds.
  • Write your username and password EXACTLY as-is on pen and paper. Store in a secure location. This is your only backup option to restore ZelCore.
  • There is a master ZelCore private key, along with individual private keys in WIF (wallet import format) for each asset. Back up each WIF private key that holds assets to maximum protection.


  1. 1.
    Go to Settings tab.
2. Select Asset Management option.
3. Type the asset to view the WIF private key (e.g. "ZelCash").
4. Click the private key to copy it to the clipboard. Paste it into your backup document with the asset name and any other identifying information you wish.
5. Repeat for all assets you with to back up.
6. Print your backup document and store securely.
Last modified 4yr ago