Backing up ZelCore Full Node

This guide explains the process to back up ZelCore Full Node for ZelCash asset


ZelCore encrypts the wallet.dat file using your ZelCore username + password. Always securely back up your login credentials on pen and paper and store properly.
Wallet files can become corrupted due to many events, including copying to a flash drive, improper use of full node, changing file names, etc. Best practice is to keep multiple copies of data.
ZelCore dumps private keys into plaintext. This is the most reliable backup, but also needs to be protected from being seen by others. Best practice is to store on an encrypted flash drive. Please avoid storing your private keys on the cloud, directly on your computer, any media to which others have access, etc. Be paranoid and secure your keys. If these are compromised, there's no way to recover lost funds.

Backup Private Keys

Launch ZelCore, select ZelCash then Full Node to launch full node wallet

From ZelCash full node, select the Tools button

Select Wallet Management button

Select the Click to choose path field. This opens a file dialog window for you to select your directory and private key dump file name

Select the Export button after selecting a file path and name

The private key dump file is stored in plaintext. Store securely.

Backup Wallet Files

Ensure ZelCore is closed. Do not perform operations on folders/files in the data directory while wallet is open.
Windows: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Zelcash\ MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/zelcash Linux: ~/.zelcash/

Copy all wallet files to your secure backup location

The "wallet.datYOURUSERNAME" file is the main wallet file ZelCore uses.
ZelCore will create backup copies of your wallet.dat files in case of possible corruption or improper full node configuration. If you see "wallet.datXXXXXXXXBACKUP" or "*.bak" files, save those also. Seeing those files means full node is possibly misconfigured. Ask support if you have any questions.